Household Electricity Survey (BEIS)

The Household Electricity Use Survey monitored 250 owner-occupier households across England from 2010 to 2011. The monitoring was very detailed and generated 20 million data points. This data offers an unparalleled source of two-minute electricity profiles for households and individual appliances.

We worked with Element Energy and Loughborough University to understand the scope for demand shifting, baseload electricity demand, changes in the size and efficiency of appliances, and how different socio-economic groups and ages use electricity. We also mined the data to help draft the National Monitoring Strategy using smart meters.

24-hour profile

Average electrical demand varies from just over 200W overnight to more than 700W from 6-8pm.


Part of the work involved analysing the average 24-hour profile of electricity use among households in the survey. We found the evening peak was much more pronounced than the morning peak, and although there is an identifiable morning peak at about 7.30am, lower demand for lighting, space heating and cooking are almost completely offset by increased energy use for washing, drying and dishwashing. We developed an interactive spreadsheet for other people who want to examine electricity profiles, available here.

The work was under contract to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Project Coordinator: Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd

Project Collaborators: Loughborough University, Element Energy, Eclipse