“Congratulations to you and your team for a superb effort on a really complex project [QA and rebuilding TIMES].” (Jon Tecwyn, BEIS)

“Many thanks for all of your hard work. It’s clear that you and your colleagues thought deeply about this problem [rebuilding the TIMES model] and worked to ensure that you answered the problem we intended you to address.” (Alec Waterhouse, BEIS)

“Finally got through to reading your report in its entirety. It is fantastic – could not believe the detail and depth of the analysis. Truly outstanding!” (Iain Macmillan, Knauf Insulation)

“Overall your tracker [recording QA of DECC’s Global Calculator] has proved really useful and it is very clear, so many thanks for the great work. (Tom Bain, BEIS)

“I admire the huge energy, enthusiasm and commitment you bring to your work which is truly inspirational and which shows in the quality of the outputs you deliver to us.” (Susan Donaldson, BEIS)

“The work exceeded our expectations in many respects, and has provided us with a very thorough review and evaluation of the retrofit standards landscape. Overall, a good piece of work.” (Peter Rickaby representing BSI on the Review of Retrofit Standards)

“Excellent, your team has done really well in improving the Fact File every year. Thank you for the hard work and dedication.” (Alex Boss, BEIS)

“[This qualitative research on Retrofitting Social Housing] is extremely solid. Some very good work that I think will give some useful insights for the [BEIS] policy team and directions of future work for the technical team.” (Aaron Gillich, BEIS)

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the work you have done [on] the Party Walls [Research] Report, it reads so well and was really clear.” (Yehuda Lethbridge, BEIS)

“Jason has delivered exemplary services and provided considerable added value to the [Building Performance Evaluation] programme. I wholeheartedly recommend Jason for his expertise and professionalism.” (Kerry Mashford, National Energy Foundation)

“Thanks so much for getting this [‘How much energy could be saved by making small changes to everyday household behaviours?‘ report] to us to meet our ambitious deadline, very impressive!” (Annabelle Bonus, BEIS)

“Jason is one of the people who seems to know most about [the English Housing Survey] and how to get the best out of it. Jason is the brains behind [the Cambridge Housing Model and the Cambridge Housing Energy Tool] and is wealth of knowledge on [household energy use].” (Matt Lipson, previously BEIS, now Energy Technologies Institute)

“I have no hesitation in recommending CAR, and we would be happy to employ them to carry out similar [energy modelling] work again.” (Liz Hawkins, Scottish Government)

“Fantastic work [UK Housing Energy Fact File].” (Ralph Perry-Robinson, Wiltshire Council)

“I was really impressed with the quality of the papers and analysis and the attention to detail [in relation to the National Household Model]. Your work will form the building blocks for all future domestic policies developed on the NHM and as such will become an integral part of DECC’s domestic evidence base for years to come. Thank you so much for all of the team’s efforts.” (Amy Coleman, BEIS)

“Thank you for this report [Household Electricity Survey: Lighting Report]. I think it is very thorough and well written. I particularly liked the section on modelling lighting use. Congratulations all round!” (Penny Dunbabin, BEIS)