Cambridge Energy Tool (UK Government)

The English Housing Survey is the most detailed regular survey of the condition of English homes, including comprehensive information about energy services in homes. Some 15,000 households are visited each year by trained surveyors – providing a very valuable resource for different aspects of energy research.

The catch is that the Survey is hard to access and use. This deters many people from using the Survey data. We developed the Cambridge Energy Tool with Cambridge Econometrics, and the Tool allows anyone to use the data to answer their own questions.

Using the tool, you can find out:

  • how many fuel poor households have central heating
  • what proportion of homes have double-glazing, or 100mm of loft insulation, or cavity wall insulation
  • whether older households tend to have better, or worse, energy efficiency on average
  • whether households with electric heating are more or less likely to have children.

Project Coordinator: Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd

Project Collaborators: Cambridge Econometrics, Eclipse