DEMScot: Scotland’s Domestic Energy Model

What must happen to Scottish housing for it to meet its CO2 cutting targets by 2050?

The DEMScot model allows Scottish policy-makers to examine the effect of 18 technological improvements to existing housing: how much energy and CO2 is saved by each, and at what cost?

The model includes:

  • Yearly CO2 emissions from electricity, gas and solid fuel use in Scotland’s 2.3 million homes
  • New house building in Scotland through to 2050
  • Embodied CO2 from new homes and technological upgrades
  • CO2 impacts of changing factors under user control (behavioural effects)
  • Current best estimates for changing CO2 intensity of electricity
  • Current best estimates for changing energy costs to 2050.

Client: The Scottish Government

Collaborators: Cambridge Econometrics, Eclipse, Alembic Research, Roger Talbot & Associates